Links to Web Sites that Glorify Jesus Christ & Edify the Body of Christ.  The links below have all been viewed and researched by us in a prayerfully. We assure you that they will lead you a closer walk with Jesus Christ.  If you would like to suggest an addition to the links on this page please submit the proposed change by using the form on the “contact us” page.

Jesus Is Lord Outreach Center - Pastor David Middleton - Bible Study & Sermons   
Church on the Street - discipleship and ministry programs   
Moriel Ministries - Pastor Jacob Prasch - God is my teacher     
Believers in Grace Fellowship videos
Bibleline Broadcast Network Bible based videos
Frances & Friends TV Ministry - Biblical answers about false doctrine
Discernment Ministries - explains false doctrine spreading today
Intimacy with God - get closer to the Lord Jesus Christ
Turn Back to God - great source for Christian music
Berean Bible - Bible version online for study and camparison
E4 Group Free Bible Software
Live 365 Radio Inspirational Christian Music
Jesus Work Ministry - Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance