We ask you to sincerely pray about becoming a partner with Crossroad to Victory to provide Bibles in Urdu (native Pakistani language), books chosen to help disciple believers to grow strong in the Lord Jesus Christ and salvation tracts for handing out to all interested in knowing more about God.  The Pay Pal link provided on this page is secure.  For about 35 cents US a day ($10 a month) you can help add the names of souls to the Lamb’s Book of Life.  The days a short before the Lord Jesus Christ returns and will you be ready?  Are you willing to sacrifice a cup of coffee or two and a trip to a fast food restaurant a month to help win souls for the Kingdom of God.  Let the Holy Spirit lead you in your decision. ALL Funds go directly to do the work of the Lord, nothing is used for personal support as God will provide this portion to us.  Thank you for helping spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Urdu Bible for Pakistan





Urdu language Bible (KJV)