Why God’s Grace in Pakistan Web Site Exist
The goal of this web site is to provide pictures, articles and links to materials that will help everyone grow in faith, hope and love for each other and for God.  We give God the glory and honor He alone deserves, plant a seed in the minds of people who have not accepted Jesus Christ a their personal Lord and Savior, witness to a lost and dying world that there is truly a God in heaven and it is greatest desire to have them spend eternity with Him in heaven.  One of my all time favorite quotes from the Bible was what John the Baptist said in the gospel of John 3:30 - ‘He must increase, but I must decrease’.  Think of it as submitting, surrendering, yielding and obeying God by following our prime example, God’s only begotten Son, Jesus of Nazareth.  Much easier to write down on this page than to live it day by day.  Now I hope you start to understand the burning desire to do whatever it takes as the Holy Spirit leads me to help bring everyone into the Kingdom of God through the only door - Jesus Christ.  This site will continue to expand with the aim of being able to help teach, reach and disciple others to replicate this style of ministry web site to expand its reach to the four corners of God’s creation.  The days a numbered before the Lord Jesus Christ returns in the air to gather His Bride (the true church) to Himself before the onset of the tribulation times.  We desire that all would be ready and none would be left behind.