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Welcome to Crossroad to Victory Web Site.  
Each day brings us closer to the event commonly called the ‘Rapture of the Church (Body of Christ)’.  Who will go to meet Jesus Christ the Son of God and who will be left behind to experience the horror of the Great Tribulation?  Those who place there entire life - heart, soul and spirit in the faith that Jesus is the way the truth and the life will be the ones who meet Jesus in the air.  We will not be perfect on this earth but we will be perfect when seen by God when we trust and live with His Son each moment of our lives.  When we fall in sin we seek His forgiveness and power through the Holy Spirit to get back up again.  We change our minds from the sinful flesh and seek His path to gain eternal life.  Show love by surrendering to Him for only the love He gives us is worthy to give to others in a lasting way.  Be born again of the Spirit of God and rest each day in His loving arms.

In Romans 12:2 we are called to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind”. All of us are on a spiritual journey and none of us have arrived. It’s a continual transformation—a spiritual metamorphosis—to become more like Jesus everyday. Here’s how the Bible says we can be made new:

01: Think Progress not Perfection - Philippians 3:12. It’s easy to become frustrated and discouraged when you stumble and fall and make mistakes. We all make mistakes. We often start strong in our spiritual walk, but then we slip and fall. But you need to remember that sanctification is an on going process.

02: Think Future not Past - Philippians 3:13. Satan loves to remind us of our previous blunders. But as you grow spiritually, you don’t focus on where you have been, you focus on where you are going in the future. When you confessed your sins and became a Christian you were given a clean slate.

03: Think Together and Alone - Hebrews 10:25. When I think of strong, spiritually mature Christians; I don’t think of the Bible answer man or the theological watch dog who knows the answer to every doctrinal question. No, I think of people who have humbly rearranged their lives around the Word of God and have surrounded themselves with other spiritually mature believers who are reaching out to lost souls and backsliders.

Remember, as members of Grace Church—which is really Christ Church—we need to come along, beside others and help them find Christ as their Savior and then help them grow into spiritually strong believers.

04: Think God’s Spirit not Your Will Power - Ephesians 1:20; Galatians 5:16-17. When it comes to living like Christ, trying to do it on your own will just leave you frustrated, discouraged and defeated. So you need to utilize the resources that are available to you—God’s Holy Spirit. The Bible says that you are to be made new—you cannot transform yourself—you need the transforming power of God’s Holy Spirit.

None of us have arrived spiritually yet. So on your spiritual journey be sure to take some others along with you. Make it your goal over the next few weeks to fill up a row or two or three at church with people you have led to Christ or grabbed from their backslidden state of being. Remember, we are all in the process of a spiritual metamorphosis, being made new in Christ by God’s Holy Spirit.

I look forward to seeing you and those you bring with you at Grace Church this weekend.

En Agape’,

Billy Farrar

senior pastor

Grace church is where sound teaching is offered each week by Pastor Billy Farrar.  The teaching of each week are available for viewing and downloading for everyone.

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