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Do you seek the road that leads to eternal life instead of eternal death?  It is a narrow road that ancient text explain in detail.  There is only one way and requires complete and total surrender of your body, soul and spirit to the Creator.  We are dedicated to providing sound doctrine of the Word of God and Not doctrines of man nor demons.  The bible is not interpreted correctly unless the Holy Spirit of God is our teacher.  Only true men and women of God will provide the necessary information under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help believers grow in our knowledge of the Creator.  We believe the Creator manifest Himself in three distinct persons known as the Father (YHWH), the Son (Yeshua or Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah) and the Holy Spirit.  It is our fervent prayer that each day you become more like our Creator by spending time in deep study of His word, crucifying the flesh and being filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit.

Israel Hayom is a good source for current news about Israel. It will help you understand the worldly and biblical views of God’s chosen people.


Jacob Prasch is the founder of Moriel Ministry which is an international multi-faceted ministry of Jewish and non-Jewish regenerate believers one in Jesus the Messiah.  His insight into the Hebrew mindset gives those in the western world new light on the bible.

Ken Johnson’s states he is a Trinitarian and a Protestant and that Non-Trinitarians are not Christians.  His website is called and he has done a great deal of research on the dates  of the bible and the accuracy of the bible text.

Creation Today seeks to impact individuals to know and defend our faith in the Creator God and to share Him through the foundations of Scripture. Creation Today  produces resources on creation for all ages.

Welcome to David Pawson’s online teaching library. The aim of this website is to make all of David’s teachings available freely worldwide via the Internet. More messages will be added over time.

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Koinonia House, or K-House, is dedicated to the development and distribution of materials for encouraging and facilitating serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.

I am also a Christian because it’s the only religious story that makes any sense for solving the fundamental problem all religions are supposed to address: right relationship to God. All other religions require perfect performance Michael S. Heiser

Dr. Michael S. Heiser website Grace Church - Mount Vernon, WA. USA

 Welcome to Grace Church located in Mount Vernon, Washington, USA.  Please grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus of Nazareth by seeing and putting into effect in your life the Sunday teachings presented by Senior Pastor Billy Farrar.

Growing in Grace and Avoiding False Doctrines
The links to the websites above are to help the believer whether they are newly born again or have walked with the Lord Jesus of Nazareth for all their life from the age of accountability.  The heart of the Gospel of Christ is the ongoing, day-to-day living out the life of Christ by His Spirit which dwells inside each true believer.  Our enemy, Lucifer the fallen cherub, is described in the word of God as one who has come to Kill, Steal and Destroy our Faith.  We battle not against flesh and blood but against all types of spiritual wickedness in this fallen creation.  Be of good cheer for the battle is the Lord’s and He has given us the weapons to pull down the strongholds in our lives and help our brethren do the same.  Deliverance from evil is a daily essential task for each born again believer and can only be done by the power that raised Christ Jesus from the dead.  We are no longer under the Law of Moses but now are under the higher statutes of the Grace of Christ Jesus.  A little leaven (sin) leads to the destruction of our relationship with our Savior, Master and soon coming King of Kings.  This website is growing to help all brothers and sisters in Christ to become more like Jesus of Nazareth and to fulfill the commands of our Lord to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to all the world.  Please seek our heavenly Father if He would have you help to fulfill this commission by donating to the missions presented on this website to save souls and disciple the same for the Glory, Honor and Praise of the King of the Universe.  Be assure that fully 100% of all funds donated to directly to those who are preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom - (Mark 1:14 [KJV]) Now after that John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, (Mark 1:15 [KJV]) And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.


Having amassed a spectacular amount of musical and career credentials, Rick DellaRatta is one of the most distinguished Jazz Artists of our time. He has headlined the worlds finest Jazz Clubs from the Blue Note to Ronnie Scott’s in continents from North America to Asia (6 times to Japan, twice to Hong Kong), Europe (15 tours), Scandinavia (including Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway), South America (Brazil and Bolivia) and more!

Below are a few of his “Recent Highlights as a Leader”.
Weekend at Birdland – NYC Trio w/ Eddie Gomez and Lenny White -Blue Note Jazz Club – NYC -Weeklong engagement at Ronnie Scotts – London – Quartet w/ Wayne Dockery, Sonny Fortune & Victor Lewis, -Weeklong engagement at Catalinas Bar & Grill - Los Angeles, CA. - Quartet w/ Eddie Gomez, Lenny White & Sonny Fortune -Weeklong engagement at Sweet Basil – NYC– Trio/Quartet w/ Eddie Gomez, Lenny White, Dave Liebman & Al Foster -Jazz for Peace Concert @ Troy Music Hall – NYQuartet w/ Eddie Gomez, Lenny White & Paquito D’Rivera, -Bryant Park "Jazz in July" Concert Series - NYC Solo & Trio performance w/ special guest Billy Hart, -Empire State Jazz Festival – Upstate NY Quartet w/Eddie Gomez, Lenny White & Dave Liebman -Thelonious Jazz Club – Boliva -Cutting Room - NYCQuartet w/ special guest Bobby Watson -Jazz for Peace Concert –The United Nations, NYC – The Rick DellaRatta International Quartet, -Millienium Concert – Burnhardt Theater - Saratoga Springs, NY w/ Nick Brignola, -Cutting Room-NYC- Quartet w/ Will Lee, Chris Parker & Dave Mann, -Concert at The Egg – Albany, NY -Panasonic Jazz Festival – NYC -The Jazz & Blues Co. - Carmel, Ca. – The Rick DellaRatta Quartet w /Charlie Shoemake, -Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society – SF, Ca – The Rick DellaRatta Trio, -The Famous Jazz Artist Series – Cambria, Ca. – The Rick DellaRatta Trio, -Kansas City Jazz & Blues Festival - Kansas City - MO - Headliner Quartet w/ Rufus Reid, Billy Hart & Bobby Watson, -Coleman Hawkins Jazz Festival – Topeka, Kansas, -Blues Alley Jazz Club – Washington, DC – Quartet w/ Eddie Gomez, Lenny White & Nick Brignola, -Concert for Friends of Jazz – Miami, Fla. -Yours Jazz ClubTrio w/ Eddie Gomez, Elliot Zigmund -Savannah Jazz FestivalHeadliner Quartet w/ Eddie Gomez, Lenny White & Bobby Watson, -Ryles Jazz Club – Boston, Ma – The Rick DellaRatta Trio w/ Eddie Gomez and Lenny White, -The Artist Quarter – St Paul, Minn. - Trio w/ Eddie Gomez & Lenny White, -The Red Mill – Milwaukee, WI - Trio w/ Eddie Gomez & Lenny White, -Weeklong engagement at Marianns Jazz Room – Berne, SwitzerlandQuartet w/ Wayne Dockery, Sonny Fortune & Steve Johns -Tour of Mainland and Kyushu –Japan -Ottawa Jazz Festival - Ottawa, Canada - Headliner Trio w / Billy Hart, -Weber Concert Hall - Dusseldorf, Germany -Nationally broadcasted concertTrio w/ Idris Muhhamad, -Duc de Lombards - Paris, France The Rick DellaRatta Trio, -Presidential Palace Performance – Helsinki Finland – Trio w/ Eddie Gomez & Lenny White -Helsinki Hall of Culture – Helsinki Finland – Trio w/ Eddie Gomez & Lenny White, -The Chet Baker Jazz Club - Bologna, Italy – The Rick DellaRatta Trio, -La Salumeria Jazz Club -Milan, Italy – The Rick DellaRatta Trio, -Jamboree Jazz Club – Barcelona, Spain – The Rick DellaRatta Trio, -Porgy and Bess – Vienna, AustriaThe Rick DellaRatta Trio, -The Widder Bar – Zurich, SwitzerlandThe Rick DellaRatta Trio, -Sofia Jazz Festival- National Palace of Culture - Bulgaria,-Evolution of Jazz Series - Hong Kong, -Concert tour of Brazil -Taketa Jazz Festival – Japan

Crossroad to Victory Ministry is partnering with New Life Ministry, Jazz for Peace, ABC4All global network, Grace Church of Mount Vernon and Pakistan Peoples Party to feature a World Class Cultural Event at Yonei Baptist Bible Institute in Lahore, Pakistan.  This concert will be held on December 29th, 2015.  The concert will feature Rick DellaRatta the renowned jazz Pianist and Vocalist in behalf of Jazz for peace.  The opening band will be Lahore’s own Praise Band led by Haroon Yaqoob the lead vocalist and song writer.  Tickets may be purchased in advance and at the door.  Sponsors and donations are welcome to help us raise funds to be used to aid education of the poverty stricken youth living in Yohanabad, a ghetto situated within Lahore.  With your kind support our goal is to raise in excess of $250,000 US dollars to be used exclusively for child education monitored by both New Life Ministry and Beaconhouse Educational organization.  We urge you to open your heart and wallet to help in this outstanding humanitarian effort.  The children are our future and with your help this vision will become a reality.

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